Psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology



The research objectives of the department are studying risk factors in mental diseases onset, highlighting the clinical-evolutionary peculiarities, creating of diagnostic methods, and management of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention in patients with mental and behavioral disorders.

 The domains of research in mental health:

  • Clinical studies
  • The evaluation of society and epidemiological factors in mental health
  • The evaluation of attitudes and behaviors towards mental health problems (stigma phenomena)
  • The evaluation of mental health services

Types of research in mental health:

  • Qualitative studies
  • Quantitative studies

 Observational studies:

- Individual studies

    – Descriptive studies
    – Analytical studies

- Group studies
     - Ecologic studies


Experimental studies

  • Individuals (randomized clinical studies)
  • Group (studies in the field)


Methods used in research in the mental health services field:

The researchers from the mental health services field use a vast range of research methods. The four major strategies in research include:

  1. Epidemiological investigations;
  2. Systems-level research;
  3. Program-level research;
  4. Model program assessment. 

Doctorate thesis:

• “Psychotherapy in the complex treatment of neurosis at children and adolescents”, author Leaşoc Tatiana;

• “Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (clinical-catamnestic and socio-familial study)”, author Daniel Paladiciuc;

Post-Doctorate thesis:

•  “Clinical-therapeutic strategies in resistant depressions”, author Ghenadie Cărăuşu