Psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology


A brief history

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Department of Psychiatry was founded in 1945. The Chair founder was Professor A. Molohov, Emeritus, author of 80 papers and 6 monographs. The first stuff members of the department were B. Morozov, V. Lukianin, V. Ivanova, L. Tulubieva. In the Department also worked Prof. Iu. Rahalski, the head of the psychiatry from Orenburg, Russia, Prof. Ia. Popeleanski, head of the psychiatry from Lugansk, Ukraine, Prof. A. Kornetov, head of the psychiatry from Simferopol, Ukraine, Prof. G. Obubov from Belarus. Since 1996 the Chair is taken by Prof. Alexander Nacu, Knight of the Order of the Republic, author of  270 papers, eight monographs and two textbooks. Teachers with great impact since then were N. Oprea, A. Pleşco, B. Zlatan, M. Revenco, V. Mihlin. In 1984 is founded the department of continuous training of doctors, led by Professor Alexander Nacu, taken from 2000 to 2009 by Prof. M. Revenco, author of 235 papers, 4 monographs and two textbooks. During the history of the Department also worked V. Chiriac, B. Gherman, M. Hotineanu, V. Oprea, M. Condraţchi. During the period 1984 to 2000 the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology was headed by Prof. N. Oprea, author of 180 papers, three monographs and two textbooks. In 2009 staff were merged. The current Chief of Department is Professor Anatol Nacu, author of 120 papers, one monograph and two textbooks. In the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology activates O. Cobîleanschi, G. Cărăuşu, I. Co;ciug, I. Deliv, I. Nastas, C. Babin.

         The chair has organized numerous conferences, seminars, national and international congresses dedicated to infectious psychoses (1960), schizophrenia (1967), the clinical picture, pathogenesis and treatment of alcoholism (1977), alcoholic psychoses, encephalo – and mielopathy (1979), aggression (1991, 1993). In recent years the emphasis is on the Moldovan-French scientific seminars with the participation of the holders of the Paris Institute of Psychoanalysis, scientific-practical conferences with participation of the representatives of City University of New York, York College, USA.