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Ten doctoral students of ”Nicolae Testemitanu” University to receive merit scholarships from the government

Published: 20.01.2022

bursa de excelență

Ten of the 19 PhD students who will receive the Excellence Scholarship of the Government of the Republic of Moldova for 2022 are studying at the Doctoral School in Health Sciences of Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. The list of all beneficiaries was approved at the meeting of the executive body, on January 12.

In total, 36 doctoral students from six institutions organizing higher doctoral studies participated in the competition, from which 19 fellows were selected. Of these, 15 will benefit from the Government Excellence Scholarships in the amount of 2500 lei, and 4 will obtain Scholarships according to scientific fields - of 2000 lei. The candidates attached to their files the list of studies completed in various fields of science and technology, the works with emphasis on priority topics for the economic and sociocultural life of the Republic of Moldova being appreciated.

Thus, 9 young researchers from the Doctoral School in Health Sciences of Nicolae Testemitanu University were awarded Excellence Scholarships:


Mariana Ulinici – fifth-year student, Microbiology and Medical Virology specialty;

Victor Tomacinschii – second-year student, Hematology and Hemotransfusion specialty;

Ala Fulga – third-year student, Medical Biochemistry specialty;

Stela Racovița –  fourth-year student, Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics specialty;

Vasile Zugrav – third-year student, Dentistry specialty;

Maria Cemortan – third-year student, Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty;

Nicoleta Cheptanari-Bîrta – fourth-year student, Pharmacy specialty;

Dumitru Cheptea –  fourth-year student, Hygiene specialty;

Elena Costru-Taşnic –  fourth-year student, Clinical Neurology specialty.

At the same time, Jana Cazacu – third-year student, Cardiology specialty, is the holder of a Science Scholarship.

Government Excellence Scholarship and Science Scholarship are awarded annually to second and third-year PhD students, enrolled in full-time studies, who have completed the advanced training program, the scientific research program established by the doctoral supervisor, and have accumulated the number of credits provided in the Doctoral School Curriculum, being recognized for their outstanding academic performance and active participation in the institution’s social life.

The scholarship competition for doctoral students is part of the government's program in support of young researchers. By awarding these scholarships, the government aims to increase the attractiveness and quality of doctoral studies, as well as to capitalize on the potential of young people, motivating them to engage in research and innovation.

It should be mentioned that the Doctoral School in Health Sciences is an entity responsible for the organization of higher doctoral studies, based on GD no. 816 of November 11, 2015, within the Consortium consisting of Nicolae Testemitanu University and institutions organizing doctoral studies in the health area: National Center for Public Health, Institute of Mother and Child, Diomid Gherman Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Chiril Draganiuc Institute of Cardiology, Institute of Phthisiopneumology, Oncological Institute and Timofei Mosneaga Republican Clinical Hospital.

Congratulations to all scholarship winners!

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